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The paragraph below, mostly incomprehensible to us, is how the world might look to someone unable to read:


Retpoanig tuo of Aoisdnm Ocuytn, Tenkucky, Jotrcpe Aerd si a onn-itropf oioiarngztan ciedaetdd ot virponidg tipru9isontope rfo dtlaus to evimrpo thrie draiegn dan/or sipakgne slskil. Ew reevs nyaone owh is at laest 18 yaser dlo and is tno lnoreled ni a oafrml lrca6ososm rpargmo.


Did you catch all that? Need us to repeat? It’s a world of misunderstandings, confusion, and chaos.


Imagine not being able to read grocery labels. Medications. Street signs. Menus. Bills. Even job applications. Hard to fathom, and yet this is the reality for 14 percent of working-age Kentuckians.


This is exactly what those of us at Project Read spend our days striving to fight and ultimately fix. Improving adult literacy in central Kentucky, one student at a time. 

We are Project Read and our goal is to improve adult literacy in Madison County, Kentucky. We celebrate over 30 years of teaching adults to read and/or improve their reading levels, free of charge. In addition, we offer tutoring to improve English-speaking skills for those for whom English is not their first language. Project Read is the only significant organization in Madison County to provide these individualized services to adult learners, many of whom are at the lowest literacy levels.

All of our tutors are unpaid, trained volunteers who enjoy making a contribution to the community by donating their time and expertise. In addition to our dedicated Executive Director, our Governing Board is comprised of local educators, business people, and well-known members of the community, working for a worthy and vital cause.

Recently two sisters in their 20s earned their GEDs. Now, for the first time in their lives, they have well paying jobs and are more engaged citizens of Madison County. One woman in her 40s who was told she would never learn to read is now at the fourth-grade level and is still improving. These are just a few of the success stories from Project Read. Project Read truly does make a difference in improving literacy in Kentucky.

Ensuring that all adults have the opportunity to become literate is good for everyone—you, me, and the person improving his/her skills. Higher levels of literacy help us be better employees and open up new job opportunities. Because literacy helps us stay informed, it makes us valuable as citizens of our communities. Literacy lowers unemployment and crime rates. Literacy makes life endlessly more enjoyable and ultimately opens the door to a whole new world. Help us continue to make this new world possible for the many eager individuals in central Kentucky by contributing today.

"Anyone can learn to read to some degree, regardless of age or background."

-Brenda Thomas, Executive Director

Who We Serve
  • Anyone who is at least 18 years old

  • Those not enrolled in a formal classroom program

  • All services and materials are free to the students

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